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Trello boards make it easy for you to manage everything about your projects.

We make it easy to
manage your projects

Everything you need to know about using your Project Board

We’re thrilled to have you on board! Your Trello board will serve as our collaboration hub, allowing you to communicate directly with us and ensuring a smooth and transparent workflow throughout the process of your projects.

"Start Here"

"Backlog" board

"Current Request" board

Feedback and revision process

"Approved" board

Adding team members

Strengthening teamwork and collaboration is vital, and adding your team members to our Trello board is a straightforward process. Here’s how you can get your team to your project board:

Sharing your Trello board

Click on “Share” (typically situated in the top right corner of your board) and input the email addresses of the team members you’d like to invite.

Once you’ve entered your team member’s email addresses, Trello will automatically send out invitations to them.

As your team members accept the invitations, they’ll seamlessly join the board, ready to collaborate with you.

Adding your branding

The “Start Here” board is your gateway to kicking off your project effectively. Within this board, you’ll find a dedicated section called “Branding.” Learn how you can make the most out of this space below.

Upload files and Documents

You can upload any relevant files and documents related to your branding, such as logos, photos, brand guide, brand strategy documents, etc.

Include links

Feel free to add links to your website, social media and any other online assets that represent your brand.

Details and descriptions

Provide any additional details or descriptions about your brand that you believe are important for your projects.

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