Direct Mail Reaching Beyond the Digital Market

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Unlock the potential of direct mail campaigns to captivate your audience and drive engagement. In today’s digital era, direct mail remains a powerful tool, offering targeted outreach to specific demographics. From boosting response rates to maximizing ROI, discover how strategic direct mail initiatives can elevate your marketing efforts and connect with customers on a deeper level.

While digital marketing dominates the landscape, don’t overlook the power of direct mail marketing for reaching new potential customers or current customers alike.

Targeted & Tangible Direct Mail

Unlike easily overlooked emails, physical mailers demand attention. Consider this: compared to email marketing, for example, where a potential customer can easily delete it or skip over it without ever seeing it, direct mail is a physical piece of mail that they must take out of their mail box and give it a quick glance at the very least. If it catches their eye enough, they’re most likely going to give it a closer look. Direct mail can increase your response rate by an average of 20%. We’re not saying email marketing isn’t effective — it most certainly is — we’re just pointing out something you may not have considered. This is where it really pays off to use a postcard format, jumbo postcard or any other format that is not hidden by an envelope. Direct mail formats that are inside envelopes are less likely to be opened, and therefore, are usually less effective. Still not convinced? Read on or contact us for a free consultation. USPS (link to: also offers lots of education and helpful tips about direct mail to help you understand the many benefits and get the best possible results.

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Boost Local Engagement

Direct mail is also a great way to target local customers who live around your business. We recommend including some type of offer on the mailer, such as something free or a discount for coming into your business or trying you out. It certainly helps, however, to know your audience, because even the most eye-catching mailer will fall flat if it doesn’t communicate to your audience effectively.

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Build Your Customer Base

Offer freebies or discounts in exchange for customer information, creating a permission-based email list for future marketing efforts. Lists can sometimes be obtained for free from your town’s Chamber of Commerce. Another way to build a list for free is to have customers sign up for a free offer when they come into your business or when they visit your website, such as something free on their birthday, and they must fill out a card with their information on it. Lists can also be purchased from list brokers and other ways.


Just like any form of marketing and advertising, persistence pays off. We recommend doing at least four targeted mailings over a few months for the most profitable results. After a potential customer sees something a few times, their more likely to convert. It also helps to use A/B testing of two or more different messages to see which one is the most successful.

Weighing the Cost

Printing: Consider printing costs and explore bulk discounts.

Mailing Lists: Look for free options like Chamber of Commerce or the local library for lists. You can also build your own with in-store signups. Paid list options are also available.

Delivery: Utilize printing services for mailing logistics and cost savings.

Maximize ROI

Campaign Frequency: Run multiple targeted mailings over a few months for optimal results and brand recall.

A/B Testing: Test different message variations to identify the most successful approach.

Direct Mail Advantages

Reach Untapped Audiences: Engage potential customers who might miss your digital outreach.

Hyperlocal Targeting: Target specific geographic areas with relevant offers.

High Engagement: Physical mailers require direct interaction, increasing exposure compared to digital formats.

Creative Flexibility: Explore diverse formats, printing options, and even include promotional items for a lasting impression.

Direct Mail Disadvantages

Cost: While potentially expensive, the return on investment can justify the cost.

List Acquisition: Building or purchasing mailing lists can be time-consuming or require additional budget allocation.

Lead Time: Factor in design, printing, and mailing lead times when planning your campaign.

Expert Guidance

Partner with a marketing agency to create unique, impactful campaigns that resonate with your audience and drive business growth.

Contact us today and let’s get your brand on the road to success.

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